Cagla is a recent bilingual (German, Turkish) Journalism postgraduate in London. She was awarded  the student prize "most intrepid journalist" for her individual portfolio, which covers women's rights issues, international politics and migration. Currently, she is working as a Social and Content Editor for a fashion company in London and is engaged with projects around culture and migration as a freelance artist.


She lived in Austria and has a first degree in German Philology with a focus on media studies and politics. During her last year as an undergraduate student (2016/17), she did an Erasmus study at the University of Manchester and interned one summer at a well-known radio station in Berlin (RTL Radio). She volunteered in a residence hall for under-aged refugees, teaching German and organizing their leisure time. 


Due to her diverse background, her upbringing and schooling in Austria and her travels (cultural exchange in Cuba, Morocco, Palestine,…)she has gained a sensitized cultural understanding .
Photography is one of her hobbies. She won a photography competition and her piece was exhibited in the city-museum of Innsbruck.